What to expect and how to plan for it with reputation marketing.

First, have successful expectations.

Take a moment and examine your expectations. In other words, what are the key performance indicators going to be that show you that your campaign will be successful. Performance indicators we can show are marketing insight from customer feedback, positive reviews (both internally and externally on review sites), and even your online local visibility may increase from positive reviews online, even sales may increase. Take a few minutes and write down your primary, and secondary goals with this kind of program.

We have seen results with as little as 5% to results with well over 30% (2-3% being the market average). Remember that every industry is different and every geographical location is different, so conversion results can vary. We will teach you what is needed to get the most out of your reputation marketing to be as successful as possible.

Second, the more you put in the more you get out.

A lot of what marketing is can be considered a numbers game, the more contacts you have and the more times you are able to follow up with contacts, the more likely you are to obtain your results. All of your recent customers are your contacts, the more you put into your reputation marketing campaign program the more results you can expect. We’ve already experimented with types of marketing follow up campaigns so you don’t have to, all you need to focus on is putting your recent clients into the program and hit the go button, we take care of the follow up for you.

Third, have an active game plan.

Decide to be proactive instead of reactive. Be proactive in learning how to use the tools and strategies that are available to you in every aspect of your business. The more proactive you are in the beginning, the easier it is to develop habits needed for a successful ongoing reputation marketing campaign for your business. In turn, you’ll see more of the results every business likes to see including more sales.

Ways to be proactive:

  • Take time to learn a little bit about every piece of your reputation marketing program now. You don’t need to be an expert in reputation marketing management, all you need to know is how to drive the car that runs your campaign.
  • Get your employees or other team members involved. Let your employees or team members know what is happening and that they can benefit from this as well. Employees can let customers know that they will be asked for feedback and that they appreciate the feedback. If your customers have a good relationship with the employee they’ll be more likely to leave a review.  One idea is to make a game out of it, the employee with the most reviews can win a bonus or prize.
  • Get your customers involved. There are multiple ways to have customers leave your business feedback with your marketing program.
    • Input customers directly into the system that you log into.
    • Have a shortcut app on your smart phones or mobile devices. This is especially helpful for if you service customers at their home. You can have them leave a review directly on the smart phone.
    • Use an email signature with a link to the internal review form. (This would have been provided via email during your walk through)
    • Follow up when customers do provide feedback. Whether positive or negative plan a way to respond to customers. If any negative feedback does come up then have a manager follow up personally with the customer and see what can be done to correct a low score. Sometimes a low score when addressed quickly can turn into a positive review later.

To Summarize, here’s your plan

  1. We will send you weekly emails that will require between 5-15 minutes of your attention, and maybe another 5-15 minutes of action every week for the first 8 weeks of your reputation campaign being active.
  2. Plan on weekly action items to take just for the first 8 weeks of your reputation campaign. From there you can refer back to our reference materials as needed.

That’s it. You are well on your way to getting the most out of your reputation marketing program.


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