Ensure Success Online By Following These Strategies Offline

If you could double or even triple the results with some minor changes offline in your daily business, would you? The most successful reputation marketing begins in the physical business location (whether it is a store, an office, servicing customers at their location, etc.) is transferred online, and ends up as additional sales that you can drive to the bank. Incorporating a daily, weekly and per customer strategy will strengthen the relationship you have with team members and especially customers needed to excel at positive reviews being posted online regularly that meets your goals.

Easy Action Items You Need To Boost Results

Preparing the Customer

Make the customer aware that you would like their feedback prior to a request showing up in their inbox. Many businesses will let the customer know by the end of the visit that they are important to the business and would like their feedback. This prepares the customer by keeping the review request in the front of their mind and will increase the likelihood that the customer follows through with feedback.

Make Your Employees or Team Members A Part of The Marketing

Get everyone involved who works in the business. Inform and educate your employees and team members what you are doing. Share your vision with them regularly at team meetings or through memos and let them know how this benefits them. You can make a game out of it with incentives for more reviews and in turn team members will want to not only perform better but follow up with more customers to gain more reviews. Come up with an approach team/staff members are approved to say and what not to say, since some industries may have regulations on what not to do and to keep quality control for customer reviews.

Take Advantage of Mobile

Mobile phones are central to a busy life and our reputation programs come with a link that you can use on a tablet or smart phone. Your link will come in a follow up email shortly after you signed up. Open that link into a browser on a mobile device. From your browser add the link to the home screen. You have now created a short cut app. While in front of the customer at the end of their visit you can ask them if they would be willing to give feedback and even if they have a few minutes to do so right then. If they do have time, click on the short cut app and hand them the device to take care of the rest. Or use the other shortcut app link that will also be provided and input their contact information to follow up with them. The sooner the better.

(Learn more why text messaging is so vital to marketing in general)

Taking Time To Follow Up

Poor Feedback: If for whatever reason you experience a poor review or poor feedback, follow up right away. Most customers concerns if addressed quickly can turn into a positive review along with a long term customer and in turn, more sales. In some cases positive feedback can be followed up with by an online reply message and in some industries gifts can be given.

Employee/Team Member: The more your team is engaged with the customer during the visit, feedback request and even long term follow up the more likely your customer will be loyal. Some companies have team members do various follow up sequences with out overloading the team member. The customers will usually develop a very personal relationship to the team member as well as the business, and from there a strong loyalty is developed which in turn yields a greater long term customer value in terms of sales. Continue to educate your team on how they can help the reputation marketing by sharing your vision and what it means for them and they will more likely increase the number of positive reviews customers can leave online.

A little extra customer centric time now will have exponential results later.

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