Keeping The Success Moving Forward After Launching

You’ve studied what revolves around reputation management marketing with developing an online and offline strategy that boosts your reputation reviews and have begun implementing the strategies successful businesses use to double and triple their rate of receiving positive online reviews, online visibility while increasing potential sales.

What’s next?

Follow Up

You should log into your review marketing system on a regular basis, weekly to monthly is recommended for most businesses. From there you can see the results of who has left feedback and who has not. You can resend a feedback request to those who have not left feedback for a review, some people are just too busy the first time to do so or may have forgotten, this gives them another chance to do so and gives your business another chance to have more positive reviews online.

If there was any negative feedback that you were able to resolve you can resend them a feedback request again and that now happy customer can have the option to leave an online review for your business.

In addition to reviews, you can take time to post or repost positive reviews onto your social media page(s), we have noticed that followers (who are often customers) will respond positively to other positive reviews in your social feed.

Optimize and Re-implement.

Once you’ve written down your strategy, and have implemented it for a short time, you can evaluate the performance. Get feedback from your team and see if there is anything you can change to improve your requests offline and online from your customers. Always improving customer communications has never hurt a business.

Reports and Increasing Sales

Take a look at the internal reports provided in the software to see where you’re excelling as a business and use that feedback in your offline and online marketing efforts using the words your customers use. You’ll notice that using the feedback from your customers with them and other potential customers can increase sales. Often we get use to using the terminology in our own industry with customers which is not usually what sells them on our services or products. They will tell you what words in their feedback to use to use with other customers to increase sales.

In Summary

We are here to help you succeed, we will continue to email you tips and reminders to engage your customers to get the most success out of your reputation marketing program as possible. Feel free to reach out to us if you have a question because we are your partner in this. Enjoy your reputation management marketing campaign!

You Are on your Way To Success!

You are well on your way to finding great success online with your reputation marketing campaign. Remember we are your partners and are available if you have questions. See what else you can do to increase sales by expanding on your reputation marketing.