Boost Your Reputation Marketing Results With Actionable Items

So with online reviews becoming more popular for potential customers to use as a purchasing resource it is important to understand how your positive reviews relate to online ranking on search engines, what other types of online marketing can boost your reputation in an effort to increase your visibility, and how that can relate to more potential sales. Search engines such as Google will rank websites to be seen by online users based on several different factors, and the more likely your website is seen in relation to a user’s search, the more likely they will click on your website, and the more people who click on your website the more potential customers you have. All these factors fall under the “organic” search result as found on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Why we want to inform you about these factors is simply because we have clients who utilize a handful of them and find much more success in being found by more customers online.

Why online reviews increase sales

The collection of reviews online are as reputable online as word of mouth is offline. Meaning that most consumers consider online reviews to be almost as good or just as good as their friend telling them, they are also much more likely to purchase because of the positive reviews they read. So by actively acquiring positive reviews online you are enabling greater confidence in your business, service or products, and can increase online leads and sales.

What are the online ranking factors? According To Moz (an online Google Guru)

Moz is one of a few online ranking experts who we follow and trust to be very well informed with how Google and other search engines rank websites locally. They have broken down the online ranking factors into 8 categories and you can see how well reviews come into play.

Local Online Ranking Factors

You can see how reviews can take approximately 8.4% of what is needed locally online to rank, which may not seem like a lot to start with. However, if you look at reviews partnered with acquiring and optimizing local listings (External Loc. Signals) such as, AngiesList, Google business listing, and, you can acquire approximately 20% of what is needed to be found online. When you add your website on site SEO (On-page Signals), and a few other signals you can quickly start take up more online ranking factors. Now this may look like a different language at first, but with a trained eye you can quickly come up with a plan of action to be rank easier online and in turn to be seen by more people online.

Action items you should take to boost your online presence

Local Listings, A Place for Your Reviews

Claiming your local listings on directories such as Yelp, Facebook, Google+, Angie’s List and YP are just a few of the top 50 business directories that can help your business be found quickly. The top 50 directories searched by search engines as well as consumers are recommended because it will give your business the quickest boost in online visibility while giving your customers a spot to place their reviews on, which will then increase your online visibility/rankings and in turn may produce more sales.

Website Optimization

The next quickest thing to do would to make sure your website is optimized on the pages and blog posts with keyword enriched titles, descriptions, picture tags and other items needed. Some other additional options are to have an automatic review feed on your website so that your positive reviews automatically populate on your website for potential customers to see.

Connect With Your Social Media Pages

Make sure you take advantage of posting reviews on your social media channels because it will compliment an active social feed. Our programs allow for linking the reputation software to post onto Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ to make sharing your reviews easy.

Make An Action Plan If You Haven’t Yet

If you are not actively working on these things and would like to know what you can do or what good outsourcing options are please contact your account rep for more information. The quicker you bring these action items together, the more likely you will see an increase in sales sooner than if you just request reviews.


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