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CRM’s Are One of The Best Investments Professionals Can Have

If You Aren’t Using A CRM, You Need To

Customer relationship management software’s core idea is to enable a single professional or a company of professionals the ability to organize efforts, have easier follow up, optimize timeliness and performance while increasing sales and profitability.

Over the span of many years and with the advance of cloud technology and apps for mobile devices, the CRM has become a core piece in effectively performing marketing and operational functions in one place. Not every CRM is the same, many have similar core features, but can differentiate on how extensive they can be. Based on need and industry, we see that some CRM softwares may focus on project management, or inventory based industries, but there are  customizable systems which include both marketing and operational pieces which more and more users find to be helpful.

The 4 key reasons you want an all inclusive CRM are:

  1. Organization. Organize your leads, customers, vendors, team members, or other important contacts along with needed information such as contracts, inventory, pricing quotes, invoices and every part of business function in a simple way that can allow quick access for you and or a team member.
  2. Follow up. Organizing follow up actions and sequences for leads and customers with calendar and reminder features means less stress and less forgetful moments, you’ll have happier leads and customers which mean more sales.
  3. Overall optimization. Increase your workflow performance and simplify the organization of needed data. Less work on paperwork and more work on sales.
  4. Overall increased profits.  Less time working on finding information, or following up with customers, along with happier prospects will bring easier sales, more long term value from customers and overall profitability.

How To Know Which CRM Works For You

Since each industry has a different need in a CRM system take time to compare features and what kind of companies are using the features. Walk through a demo, most CRM’s offer a trial or demo version. Find out which features are customizable and how they can be, menu options can be changed/renamed, find out if your email can be integrated and what kind of email follow up campaigns can be included. Sometimes trying out different CRM’s can take a few hours.


Initial use of the CRM like learning to drive a vehicle will take time to get used to but after enough practice you will be able to reach your company growth goals faster.