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Atlas Marketing Management, LLC  is now Atlas Internet Marketing, LLC

Why the change? What’s the difference? When did this happen?

While we still manage marketing strategies for clients from Atlas Marketing Management we now offer it in a new and entirely differently way. We still offer a lot of the same services as before, but we focus both on internet based marketing plans as well as the operational support systems of those marketing plans needed for companies.

During this last summer (2015), our partner managers came together to discuss how far we have come as a company and how we can maximize our own potential. After much research and discussion the decision was made to renew the company by eliminating services that were not aligned with our main focus and adding more solutions that our clients would profit from. In so doing we also expanded the physical reach of our company by moving the headquarters to Logan Utah while maintaining a branch office in Portland Oregon. Over the course of the next few months Atlas Marketing Management will be fully converted over into Atlas Internet Marketing. All current service contracts will be maintained and we now have additional marketing services.

Our purpose has expanded beyond the standard consulting and campaigns. We have both in house team members and have partnered with a larger network of partners bringing more possibilities to the table for our clients.

Simply put, we found a greater need for the way marketing services and operational support can be managed online to optimize effectiveness.

The result? The ultimate comprehensive marketing solution online.

What does that mean?

Since we work with small to medium sized business  of varying sizes and budgets we can bring more options to the table when it comes to solutions. Since each business is so unique based even within each industry with different target markets and budgets, we create and implement marketing plans to maximize their ROI.

How does that work?

When building your dream house or office from the ground up you employ an expert architect to design and manage all pieces and workers needed to keep things on time and within budget.

We act as that master architect to bring the framers, plumbers, electricians, landscapers or whomever and whenever is needed to the table. We then draft the proposed options that would best fit the client’s goals and then take it to the client to decide based the latest internet marketing trends. From there we manage it for the client both freeing up their time and resources while giving them complete freedom and control over the marketing campaigns.

Doesn’t it cost more to outsource a marketing manager rather have one in house?

Actually it usually ends up saving the client much more resources in the short and long run because they don’t assume as much risk for campaign testing along with having stronger purchasing power by going through our agency for various advertising services because we have multiple clients we purchase for when it comes to advertising.

Online Marketing Logan UtahSummary of Excitement

We are excited to be in Utah and work with companies across the USA. We are still getting up and running, please excuse our website construction. If you see anything on the website that looks funny, please excuse our content example placement holders. We look forward to continue working with so many great people.