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Ideal Reviews Are Simple To Receive

You Just Have To Know How To Ask For Them

A recent Neilson study showed that 92% of consumers are more likely to trust their immediate peer group (friends and family) when it comes to making purchasing decisions, while 70%

of people trust consumer reviews posted online. This means that word-of-mouth, whether directly or digitally, still holds the most sway when it comes to consumer decisions. This also means that one of the most important things you can do for your business is to encourage your customers to leave online reviews. But not all reviews are created equally. Even a customer that loves your product or service may not know how to translate that enthusiasm into a great written review. That’s why it’s important to not only encourage your customers to leave reviews, but to train them to create a good one.

Here are 3 simple tips to coach your customers to leave a stellar review.

1. Explain in detail what they love about your business, product or service

Saying “this is the greatest place ever, I highly recommend it” is great, but it’s still not really a stellar review. The best reviews tell others exactly what it is they love most about your product, business or service. Even better is if they have compared your product or service to several others and can offer information about what causes your product or service to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s the friendliness of the staff, the ambiance of the establishment, the incredibly reasonable prices or prompt responses, ask your customers to give as much detail as possible about what specifically they like about your product, service or establishment.

2. Mention why they chose you

Whether they were recommended by a friend, drawn in by a can’t-miss special or even other customer reviews, most people decide to try a new product, service or restaurant for a reason. Sometimes, other people might be interested in the same thing. When someone was recommended by a friend, it means not only was that person satisfied enough with your services to write a review, but at least one other person thought enough of your service to recommend them to the reviewer. If the person writing the review went in because of a special, it might convince the person reading the review to give it a shot if they can get the same special.

3. Use keywords specific to your industry

Going back to the “this place is great, I highly recommend it” review, it’s a review that could have been written about almost anything by someone that may or may not actually even be a legitimate customer or client. People are savvy enough to know that when the customer reviews carry a great deal of weight, some businesses will pay people to leave them, regardless of whether they are actually clients or not. Along with giving details about what specifically they love about your business, product or service, using certain keywords and phrases will give legitimacy to the review and let readers know that it was most likely written by a legitimate client who has had genuine interaction and involvement with your business.

Detailing about these 3 simple things in the reviews can help you in a great deal to make your reviews fruitful. They will increase your potential to be found online while at the same time increasing the likelihood of a new sale from your ideal reviews.